Worried about the security of your home? Want to ensure you keep your family and belongings safe? Then a home security system could be just the thing to give you that peace of mind. We’ve listed the pros of these security systems here.

Easy to install and uninstall.

Installing a wireless home security system is a simple, do-it-yourself task. Moving house? You won’t have any problems taking all of your security gadgets with you to your new home.

Flexibility and scalability.

Want to ramp up your security and add a few more cameras? Or perhaps another window and door sensor or motion detectors? Wireless systems make it incredibly easy to add additional devices.

Free Add-Ons!

Some wireless security providers even give you free devices for signing up. Imagine a free doorbell camera or free window/door sensors.

Renter (& landlord) friendly

Since installing (or uninstalling) is a DIY job, they’re easy to add to your rental property. No damage to the walls and no alterations are usually required.

Your home just keeps getting smarter!

The current security industry has certainly kept up with the times – wireless security systems and smart home hubs (such as Alexa or Google) are getting more and more compatible. Many can be operated using just your voice!

All the controls at your fingertips!

Your new smart security system can usually be controlled using a remote or even via an app on your smartphone – arm/disarm or check all of your devices at the touch of a button.

Upgrade Easily

Future-proof your home security with wireless. Adding or removing devices (should one become faulty) is much easier than with a hardwired system, as well as adding new devices when new models are released – keep your home up to date!

Save Money!

Think wireless home security systems are only for the wealthy? Think again! Many powerful alarm systems can be purchased for less than $200 – especially important if you factor the self-installation you can perform yourself.

Cell Phone & Wireless Internet Options

Home security systems that use a landline struggle to operate if the lines go down (or get cut). Since wireless systems use the internet to communicate (and don’t rely on landlines) to connect each device, your system stays secure and available to reach you or the emergency services should you encounter issues. Some alarm systems even have a cellular ability (either primary or as backup), meaning that even if you lose internet connectivity (e.g. during a storm), you’ll still be safe.

Battery power. Powered by Batteries

Many wireless systems usually use batteries, either as their main power source or as an emergency backup, meaning that even during a power outage, your home remains secure.