3 Tips: Dating Over 50

Meeting the love of your life doesn’t have to feel that out of reach! We’ve compiled an amazing list of top tips that’ll help you on your way to meeting that special someone!

1. Join Groups That Interest You

Reading or bird-watching, cooking or dancing – whatever it might be, look for local opportunities online or on neighborhood bulletin boards. Again, let people know what you’re looking for, and they might be able to recommend something.

2. Start your journey, close to home!

When beginning your search for love, start close to home. If you feel comfortable in doing so, let people you trust know that you’re interested in meeting new people, and what you hope the outcome will be – whether it’s just friends or someone to go on a date with.

Family and friends might be able to connect you with people in their circle, besides possibly having their own tips and inspiring stories.

3. Senior Meetup Groups

These groups abound, allowing you to meet others while engaging in entertaining, educational, and exciting activities. Search online or ask around for meetups for your specific hobby.


Bonus Tips:

4. Take Up a New Hobby

If you don’t already have a hobby and are struggling to even think of what to try, you should experiment: pick something that interests or intrigues you, even if you later decide to stop it. Once you’ve picked someone, look for a senior meetup and share your new interest with other people.

5. Take Classes

College courses are generally available at a significant discount for seniors. They allow you to meet others while both revealing something about yourself to them and expanding your mind. Fitness classes will make you feel better about yourself, while also giving you the chance to meet others who share a concern for health.

6. Volunteering

Everyone has causes that are meaningful to them. If you can, you should consider giving your time to a worthy cause. This could be beneficial to you on so many levels, including broadening your social network and allowing you to meet that special someone!