Just Two months ago it was disclosed that the couple had welcomed their third child earlier in the summer and had retained the arrival of the new infant secret mainly due to Lively staying social websites and preventing photographers. The information was revealed only following Ryan Reynolds posted a photograph into Instagram of him and his wife out to dinner at New York (that Lively subsequently reposted himself ). But so much the pair have retained the sex of the new addition in addition to the infant’s name personal –that is until tonightwhen Reynolds shared a wee little information on his social websites.

Taking To Twitter, Reynolds shared with a photo and Lively in a woods, both appearing comfy in coats and hugging, using their infant between them. It is amazingly sweet, but in normal Reynolds-Lively style, the photograph is not a simple cute fam shot: Reynolds attracted a smily face in addition to the infant’s face so we can not really see exactly what the baby looks like. However,! The actor did shed some advice about the infant in the caption accompanying the photograph:

“I adore B.C. I want my daughters to go through exactly the identical all-natural playground I climbed up in. I am proud of this climate advancement made the previous 4 decades. Click on http://Elections.ca for voting information.

So. . .that captions appears to say it is a woman! That means three women to get Reynolds and Lively, that discuss girls James, 4, and Inez, two.

Reynolds’ tweet Is in Fact an important concern about climate change But pairing a photograph of His new infant with the tweet proved to be a sneaky approach to guarantee the message would Receive a great deal of attention. Nicely done, Ryan, however. . .spill the title today, please!