Take Me Out To The Board Game

“She steps up to the plate. Bases are loaded. The pitcher throws a curve. She swings… and hits it. It’s up, up… and it’s out of here! With a homerun, Mom wins game night!”

Bring the thrill of America’s favorite pastime home with this old-fashioned game that’ll be a hit with family and friends. To play, move the first batter to home plate and roll the dice. Locate the dice combination on one of the two outfield billboards and move your players accordingly. The dry erase scoreboard allows for speedy changes to team names and scores.

Handcrafted in St. Louis by husband and wife team Ryan & Kim McDaniel, the game is made from beautiful maple wood veneer inserted with protective metal eyelets, and is built to last for generations. Turn off the TV, silence the smartphone, and gather ’round as you enjoy hours of old-fashioned fun with loved ones. Play ball!

Game includes a pair of dice, dry erase marker, five chrome pegs, four brass pegs, and directions.