• This weekend, the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle, flew back to the States to cheer on her longtime friend, Serena Williams, at the US Open Finals in New York City.
  • During the trip, Meghan also took time to celebrate another close friend of hers, her makeup artist, Daniel Martin (who was entrusted with creating her beauty look for her royal wedding in May 2018).
  • Daniel posted a photo of the cupcakes Meghan got for him for his birthday and thanked her in the photo’s caption.

Meghan Markle’s title should be changed to “Duchess of Friendship” because she’s an A+, ride or die BFF if ever there was one.

This weekend, the Duchess of Sussex flew across the Atlantic so she could cheer on her good friend, Serena Williams, in person at the US Open Finals in New York City on Saturday.

Even though she had a packed day planned, Meghan found time between impromptu public yoga classes and watching tennis matches to celebrate the birthday of another good friend of hers: Makeup artist Daniel Martin.

Daniel shared a picture of his birthday cupcakes on Instagram—and gave Meghan a shoutout in the caption:

I am so overwhelmed by all of your well wishes!🙊
My sincerest gratitude!!Thanks to everyone for reaching out to me today and Meg, love you friend for surprising me on my special day 🥰❤️ #itsmybirthday

Daniel and Meghan have been tight for years and their bond is unquestionably close. Not only was he entrusted with doing her makeup for her royal wedding in 2018, but he was among the first guests to visit her at Frogmore Cottage and she makes him avocado toast when they hang out.



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