She casually slipped the news into an interview.

Still unclear about the exact status of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse’s relationship? Fret no more! In a new interview with Coveteur, Lili made it very clear that the pair are officially together. And she did it in the most casual of ways: By calling Cole her boyfriend while discussing Halloween costumes.

“I think I’m leaning in towards a character for Halloween. I think I’m going to do it with my boyfriend, Cole. I don’t want to spoil it if it’s not going to happen, but it’s a TV duo,” Lili said. See that? Boyfriend. Everything’s fine, friends!

To get you all caught up: Reports began circulating in July that Lili and Cole had split. Then, a curveball, as both shared their very tactile W magazine cover on Instagram with a caption directly dismissing said reports. “BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know shit,” Lili wrote, while Cole went a little more intense with his: “UNPRECEDENTED: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of ‘reliable sources’ to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult.”

For Cole’s birthday, Lili wrote him a love poem (or in her words, a “sappy nighttime birthday poem“) and posted it in an Instagram caption, which is about as clear as you can get without directly stating you’re still dating someone. “I tried to find a poem that I could send to you. Because my words were failing me,” she wrote. “No one else’s words could ever fit. They haven’t known the fortune it is to love you.”

So yes, now it’s definitively confirmed: Lili and Cole are still going strong.


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