The Actress stepped out of jeans and a black blazer on Friday night for Hoka One One’s”Women Who cried Panel,” where she spoke her personal health journey alongside track athlete Ce’Aira Brown and Alex Covington of the women’s advancement community The Wing.

“I’m not afraid to take a rest in the middle of the day or any time,” Katie stated Of her personal strategy toward health and self-care. “I am sort of constantly done that–if I’m on set I nap at lunch as it resets me. And sometimes I just have to be quiet for 20 minutes and believe and regroup, while it’s going through a record of appreciation in my mind or what am I coming up against ands how can I figure that out and go about it in a different way, like when I am not attaining that goal what’s standing in my way and how can I fix that since there are roadblocks and its really hard and you may get back on yourself, for example,’Gosh, do I suck?’ And after that you’ve got to figure it out”

Katie additionally opened up about the effect her fitness routine–which includes regular runs–has on her psychological health and health.

“It Always makes me feel better since even when I do five minutes it’s better than sitting on the couch, simply get the body going. If I am stressed about it some thing it instantly clears that then I can think more clearly, consider it from another point of view,” she explained. “It is like taking a stroll, it gets up everything. I have been running and working out since I was about 11 and once I was growing up if I had a test I would calm myself and it only helps when you are about with a lot of different energy or anything and you need to get rid of that and back to being myself.”

The Actress looked lightly, effortlessly chic in her light-wash jeans, Black blazer, and a pair of white Hoka One One Gaviota Leather shoes.