A statement for fellow Friends fanatics: Jennifer Garner is just one of us.

In its 10 year run, Friends created some episodes that were genuinely perfect. Episode), each single Thanksgiving episode (“What is to not enjoy? Custard, great. Jam, great. “), also, needless to say, the one using all the trivia game, that is really referred to as The One With the Embryos.

The amusing game–and its own lightening around –has some heroic minutes, and that is the Type of scene Friends lovers like to quote in each other (“Joey “Correct. His career has been…””Space cowboy!” Frankly, I really could do so ALL DAY.) , but Friends enthusiast Jennifer Garner took it one step farther.

To celebrate her buddy and Friends alum Jennifer Aniston linking Instagram (and, surprise, currently, Aniston currently has 7.8 MILLION followers around the stage ),” Garner filmed a movie reenacting the whole scene with Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey competing in Ross’strivia game utilizing Friends Legos. Yes. Really. And it is everything you had hoped it would be and even more:

Some of my favourite moments: Her attention to detail together with Chandler’s rebounding in the start; Lego Chandler inadvertently dropping his Lego hair and Garner’s whispered Oh take ; Phoebe’s Nestle Toulouse mention in the end; also, needless to say, “He is a transpons… transponster!” It is actually a work of art. Here is the first for reference:

Jennifer Aniston appreciated the movie so much she left It her Instagram Story, that can be lovely, but I believe this deserves much more recognition. Additionally, JG, allow me to know if you need help creating the next installment. I believe I have attained authentic *Unagi*. We could make sandwiches!