Even Hailey Baldwin is a fan of Selena Gomez and her three best friends Raquelle Stevens, Ashley Cook, and Courtney Lopez’s relationship. The model, who married Gomez’s on-off ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber last year, caught the attention of Selena Gomez fans last night when she quietly liked Stevens’ Instagram promoting the girls’ discussion on Stevens’ show Giving Back Generation. Fan account TheSelenaRundown captured a screenshot of the like, which surprised some Gomez fans in the comments.

Baldwin hasn’t unliked the post, so:

Stevens wrote in the caption of her Instagram, “So excited that Episode 1 of my latest series Giving Back Generation is out now! On this episode we talk about what giving looks like through friendship. This episode is particularly special to me as Courtney, Sel, and Ashley have been my friends all through my 20’s. We talk about what it means to support each other, forgive, and grow together. Look forward to hearing your feedback & hope it leaves you encouraged. Link in bio to download.”

In the show, Stevens emphasized the importance of women not competing with one another and supporting each other instead. “When you’re in your lane, no one else is you,” Stevens said.

Gomez added, “I experience a lot of that in what I do. There’s just room for everyone.” Gomez stressed even in her own industry, there’s room for “women that I look up to or people who are up and coming….you need a little bit of both.”

This isn’t Baldwin’s first time supporting Gomez on social media. Last year, Baldwin followed, then immediately unfollowed, a Selena Gomez fan account. She DM’d the owner, saying “so sorry,” and that the follow had been an accident. But for years before that, Baldwin was a vocal Selenator.

Oh No They Didn’t dug up some old Baldwin tweets where she gushed about Gomez (and her dating Justin Bieber, intriguingly) from 2011 t0 2013. In one, Baldwin tweeted, “Selena Gomez is so cute. Don’t argue. Bye.” In another, Baldwin wrote, “I’m for sure 100% team #Jelena.” Time clearly changed that Jelena stance but not everything.

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