Can Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Organic Lashes? We Explore

I should probably combine Eyelash Extensions Anonymous, since I am totally, really, admittedly hooked. The moment I understood I could totally skip mascara (that cuts my morning cosmetics regular in half) and look like a put-together individual, I became obsessed.

That Said, there is a good deal of chatter out there around lash extensions destroying your natural lashes. It is a wonder myth that has been drifting around for, like, actually. However, is there any truth to it? I wore lashes for six months directly and they did zero damage for my ordinary lashes.

Lots Of factors and issues will need to be considered in regards to lashes (they’re alongside a eyes, after all!) . You have to ask questions, do your own research, visit a clean, set up location, and operate with a skilled stylist that has been trained in the procedure. Collectively, they explained everything you will ever need to learn about lash extensions.

The First and most crucial step is deciding if you’re a fantastic candidate for eyelash extensions. Marin proposes asking these questions that are crucial:

  • Can I sleep in my head a good deal?
  • Can I have a propensity to pull in my lashes?
  • Perhaps you have had a current eye disease that could cause me allergic to extensions?
  • Perhaps you have had a current eye process?


  • What is the sterilization procedure for the instruments used?
  • What are the essential qualifications for your technicians in this studio?

Struggling To inquire the aforementioned is when terror tales surface,” says Marin. There may be”damage because of bad use, infections from unsterilized tweezers, and nasty allergic reactions because of harsh adhesives.” She’s”The products used around the eye region ought to be of very good quality and gentle enough not to make some discomfort during or following application. It’s a moral issue ”

And It’s of the utmost value to test in your eye health . “Make sure that your eyes remain healthy and free of diseases,” Marin clarifies. “Get the acceptable from a physician prior to getting eyelash extensions if you’ve had some sort of eye surgery or eye processes lately.”

“Years Ago, it was the mink lashes were considered exceptional,” Marin describes. “However, the gap between organic mink and artificial silk extensions are nearly imperceptible. Additionally, silk lashes can also be completely sterile; if you’re allergic to animal hair, then you might encounter an allergic reaction to the mink.” Where the lash extensions have been created also things. “I use and advocate lash products produced in the U.S.: At the U.S., we’ve got medical grade adhesives at our disposal, which can be well tolerated by men and women since the gentle fumes can’t be felt during the process or irritate the eyes”

You May believe you’ve got the extensions that you need all figured out, however, consult with your stylist to find out which sort of falsies are suitable to the period of contour of your lashes. It might be different from what you’ve envisioned. “Wearing lashes which are too lengthy or too thick may spell harm in the long run; they also weigh over lashes and can lead to anxiety to the hair follicle,” Marin warns. “That anxiety can make your natural lashes drop out , and if that always happens it may cause irreversible damage. It is ideal to adhere to a length that’s more than 2mm more than that of the lashes and a diameter that doesn’t surpass that your natural lash. The curl and contour of your lash might be a matter of taste, however.”

Dr. Distefano stresses the value of seeing a specialist you feel comfy with and making certain the equipment seems clean. Although lash extensions–if performed with a skilled stylist–are usually low-risk, some dangers remain there. “False lashes may boost the danger of eye and cheek ailments,” Dr. Distefano states. “Bacteria can develop beneath or on the paste and onto the lashes when worn for a protracted time period. Together with the lashes set up, it is hard to wash around the eyes, enabling germs to accumulate.” This might seem frightening, but do not freak, just end up to a eye doctor immediately. The threat to eyesight is reduced if handled, but may be a lot higher if therapy is delayed.”

There is also a chance you might have an allergic Response to the paste or the lashes. “It is ideal to check for an allergic reaction before applying the adhesive to your own cheek by putting a small quantity paste to the inside of the wrist. An allergic reaction could appear as an area of swelling or discoloration, and can be itchy.” They’re implemented in your lashes so treat them well.

  • Wash your extensions frequently with an oil-free cleaner. Or, rather a lash wash especially devised for eyelash extensions. Avoid friction, choosing, or pulling in your lashes.
  • Employ any petroleum or oil-based products on lashes directly onto the lash line.
  • Use waterproof cosmetics or some other eye makeup product that promises to endure quite a very long time.

In Case you’re wondering if there is some magic product to carry on the extensions you’ve paid your hard-earned cash for, there is not, regrettably. “Nothing will truly make your lashes continue beyond their normal shedding cycle,” Marin supports. “Natural lashes grow and drop out in cycles (like the hair on your mind ), which happens every 60 to 90 days, based on their personal expansion cycles, so whenever your natural lashes achieve maturity and are prepared to lose no merchandise or technique of employing can genuinely help stop this. Someone can typically drop between 5 and 1 natural lashes daily.”

“In Most states it is not necessary for the individual applying eyelash Many stylists out there find appropriate training from famous lash academies, “There’s still a need to get Fantastic schooling in our relatively young sector, and a demand for more Information for stylists in addition to for eyelash extensions .”