Every year, millions of Americans enrol in university, and studying online has become an extremely popular method of obtaining a degree. Here are three major benefits of attending an online university and earning your own online degree:


Getting a degree can seem like a no-brainer, however for most of us, quitting your job and devoting 100% of your time to learning is simply not feasible. An online degree allows you study on your own schedule and at your own pace. This means, not only will you less stressed out (and not spending all your free time on a bus or in the car), you’ll also be able to continue working and pay your bills – decreasing your reliance on student loans.


Increased Income

A survey conducted by The Learning House suggested that 45% of students reported a salary increase after obtaining their online degree. Along with this increased earning potential, future employers will also recognize a level of self-discipline in your personality.


Lower Costs

As we briefly mentioned above, one of the many of benefits of an online degree is that you’ll save money. Along with the ability to continue working, you’ll also be able to maintain your current lifestyle costs by not needing to relocate closer to a university and by not needing to spend more money on transit/commuting to and from the university campus. Great!