It is Not Only #sweaterweather–it is also cardigan weather. This thing reigns supreme for fall/winter, particularly the design in which the cardigan’s buttons are half-unbuttoned and sit only an inch farther apart than anticipated, teasing a glimpse of skin. It seem was rocked by style influencers such as Danielle Bernstein as well as today, celebrities such as Bella Hadid: On Wednesday, the version was seen leaving a studio in New York City wearing a black, black long-sleeved cardigan.

First thing to grab our Focus was that the half-unbuttoned appearance, which showed off Bella’s gut. It was hot, but not flashy, and the appearance was a interesting take compared to your normal cardigan over T-shirt combo. Bella paired the cardi using pinstripe beige trousers and lace-up boots. Given the fall in temperatures around the East Coast, she had a jacket in 1 hand as she made her way into the vehicle.